Friday, June 12, 2009

How do I know what size hoop to get? I am a beginner

The general rule of thumb for most people is that a beginner hoop should come up to at least your bellybutton. If you like you could add an inch or two or three to that number and you would have a hoop that will move slowly enough to allow you time to react and respond to what the hoop is doing in relation to your body. Then you need to decide upon the type of tubing that will be the best match for your hoop journey. Are you the type of person who wants to bliss out at a festival slowly twirling a large slow heavy hoop? Or are you more the raver- likes to dance fast and make quick breaks and reversals while rocking out in glowing cyberlox dread falls ? Or are you all circus style hooping with multiple hoops and juggling mini hooops fire hooping under the stars? Or are you all of these things : ) There are 1/2" 3/4" and 1" tubing that I am currently using :the 1/2" makes a lighter hoop that it is easier to use for/transition into off body moves and knee and neck hooping. The 3/4" makes a slightly beefier hoop it is a bit heavier than the 1/2" which makes it move slower often making learning beginner waist or chest hooping easier. the 1" makes a very thick heavy hoop. I don't often recommend these because I feel as though they are less versatile than the other hoops and they can be hard on the body. Let me know if this isn't what you needed...sometimes I ramble on and miss the point!
Blessings and Joy on your Hoop Journey-

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